Microsoft's Solair acquisition could expand its IoT services

From :ComputerWorld Microsoft dove deeper into Internet of Things technology on Tuesday with the acquisition of Solair, an Italian company that operates a cloud-based IoT platform.

According to a Microsoft blog post, Solair's technology will be used to upgrade the company's Azure IoT Suite, a collection of cloud services meant to help companies use the Internet of Things.

Microsoft and Solair didn't disclose the financial terms of their deal.

Microsoft re-releases Windows OLE patch KB 3146706 with little explanation

From InfoWorld: Last week I wrote about an odd security update, KB 3146706, that appeared to be bricking pirated copies of Windows 7 and locking horns with Microsoft's own EMET 5.5 malware blocker. Details are hazy, but apparently Microsoft released MS 16-044/KB 3146706 on April 12 as a "checked" Important update. Since it was checked, those who ran Windows Update or had enabled Automatic Update got the patch installed, sometimes to deleterious effect.

Report: HTC to finally launch Android Wear smartwatch in June

From PC World: A big hole in HTC’s product portfolio is an Android Wear smartwatch. Rumors have floated around about one for a while, but we now have a few indications this may getting closer to reality.

According to the typically spot-on Evan Blass, the company’s first watch will launch in June. However, that’s a bit of a delay from original expectations that it would be out earlier in the year.

Amazon's bolts and beakers business is booming

From CNET: The Seattle e-retailer, which grew by selling baby wipes and smartphone cases to consumers, is now expanding its influence selling industrial and commercial supplies to companies, too. After quietly building out Amazon Business, its marketplace catering specifically to enterprises large and small, the company on Wednesday revealed that the new site hit over $1 billion in sales in the past year, with customer purchases rising nearly 20 percent each month. Amazon didn't specify the segment's profitability.

Dell plus EMC has a name: Dell Technologies

From InfoWorld: Dell's planned $67 billion acquisition of EMC will create a broad collection of businesses called Dell Technologies.

Under that umbrella, the pure Dell name will live on in the company's client business, including its PCs, while its enterprise infrastructure division will be called Dell EMC, Chairman and CEO Michael Dell announced on Monday at EMC World in Las Vegas.

Intel's Atom architecture lives on despite mobile chip cancellations

From PC World: Intel’s Atom processor architecture will live on despite the recent cancellation of next-generation smartphone chips.

The chip maker will continue the development and use of the processor architecture, which stresses power efficiency, though the chips may not necessarily carry the Atom label. Last week Intel canceled upcoming Atom smartphone chips code-named Broxton and Sofia.

Uber hit by America-wide class-action lawsuit

From CNET: Uber has just settled class-action suits in Massachusetts and California, and now the company is facing similar suits from Uber drivers in all other states across America. The suit, which was filed on Sunday with the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, seeks to reclassify Uber drivers as employees rather than contractors.

Qualcomm brings big brains to mobile devices with deep-learning tool

From ComputerWorld: Qualcomm has talked about putting "silicon brains" in mobile devices and is now providing tools to train smartphones to recognize people, objects, gestures and even emotions.

Phones like Samsung's Galaxy S7 and LG's G5 that use Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 chips will get deep-learning capabilities with the Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine software development kit, announced on Monday.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 finally gets a release date

From InfoWorld: Database fans, start your clocks: Microsoft announced Monday that its new version of SQL Server will be out of beta and ready for commercial release on June 1.

The news means that companies waiting to pick up SQL Server 2016 until its general availability can start planning their adoption.

Google Chrome dethrones Internet Explorer to become undisputed browser champion

From PC World: Nearly four years after Google Chrome became the most-used web browser according to StatCounter, rival metrics firm NetMarketShare has come to the same conclusion.


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