Apple issues significant updates for iOS, macOS

From InfoWorld: Apple on Monday released the first significant updates for both iOS and macOS.

iOS 10.1 includes a host of enhancements and bug fixes, but the signature addition is Portrait Camera, a feature previously touted by Apple for the iPhone 7 Plus only.

​Intel has a new chip to bring brains to your car

From CNET: Intel probably already supplies the brains for your PC. Now it wants to do the same for your next car with new members of its Atom processor family.

That auto could have a giant screen instead of analog gauges, digital displays instead of rearview mirrors and cameras to detect pedestrians and drowsy drivers. If Intel gets its way, the company's new A3900 chip will power it all.

Logitech to release an Alexa skill for its Harmony Hub-based universal remote controls

From Tech Hive: Logitech says it will release a new Alexa skill this week that renders its Harmony Hub-based universal remote controls (e.g., the Harmony Elite or the Harmony Companion) compatible with Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant. So if you own an Amazon Echo and one of these Harmony remotes, you’ll soon be able to add your entire entertainment center to the list of devices you can control with your voice. (The Echo Tap won’t work because it requires you to touch a button before it will listen for your voice.)

Oppo and Vivo beat Huawei and Xiaomi to claim top spots in China

From CNET: China may be the world's biggest phone market, and it may be the most dynamic.

After Xiaomi and Huawei enjoyed stints on top, Vivo and Oppo are neck-and-neck for the No. 1 spot in the country, according to Counterpoint Research. Between July and September, Oppo owned 16.6 percent of the market, narrowly edging out Vivo's 16.2 percent.

It's something of a Cinderella story for both brands, who in Q3 of 2015 had marketshares of 9.9 percent and 8.2 percent, respectively. Huawei comes in at number 3, with 15 percent of the market.

Dyn DDoS attack exposes soft underbelly of the cloud

From InfoWorld: It's apparently possible that a DDoS attack can be big enough to break the internet -- or, as shown in the attack against ISP Dyn, at least break large parts of it.

The DDoS attack against Dyn that began Friday went far past taking down Dyn's servers. Beyond the big-name outages, organizations could not access important corporate applications or perform critical business operations.

Apple Watch still ahead as smartwatch sales decline

From CNET: The number of smartwatches sold over the past three months has declined 52 percent compared to the number sold in the same July-to-September period last year, according to a report by IDC wearables analysts.

Apple is still the leading smartwatch maker, but it has also seen fewer people interested in its tech-enabled timepiece this year than in 2015. It has lost significant ground to Garmin, thanks to the company's growing portfolio of fitness-focused smartwatches.

AT&T will acquire Time Warner for $85.4B in content play

From PC World: AT&T said it will acquire Time Warner for US$85.4 billion, reflecting a continuing trend for the consolidation of communications and media companies.

The deal aims to combine content from Time Warner, which has a film studio and a vast library of entertainment, with AT&T’s distribution network of mobile services, broadband and TV in the U.S., Mexico and Latin America, AT&T said late Saturday.

Yes, Galaxy Note 8 will still arrive in 2017

From CNET: Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is dead and buried, but the Note brand will live to see another phone launch.

The company has no plans to scrap the beleaguered Note moniker altogether, even though for many it is now associated with the Note 7 debacle, according to a report published Monday. Note 7 owners in South Korea who trade in their phones for a Galaxy S7 will be able to trade up automatically next year to an S8 or a Note 8, said Samsung in a statement given to Reuters.

Do you ever use the reset button on your computer?

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