Google Offers New Security Features for High-Risk Users

From PC Mag: Google has launched a new security program that's designed to thwart even the most persistent hackers from accessing your account.

The only catch? The program wasn't developed for everyone in mind. Google's new Advanced Protection Program, announced on Tuesday, is specifically designed to protect "high-risk" users.

These users include campaign staffers working for an election, journalists uncovering a sensitive story, business leaders, and people in abusive relationships who are looking for safety.

Microsoft claims Windows 10 ARM battery life will be a ‘game-changer’ for laptops

From The Verge: Microsoft first unveiled its plans for ARM-powered Windows laptops last year. The new devices will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor, and will support traditional desktop apps thanks to an emulator in Windows 10. While Qualcomm previously promised laptops before the end of the year, we haven’t heard much about them yet. Asus, HP, and Lenovo are all preparing devices, and it seems like battery life will be a key selling point.

Qualcomm expects to make nice with Apple -- eventually

From CNET: Qualcomm's legal feud with Apple isn't personal -- it's strictly business.

Even though the two companies are locked in a fierce battle over patents and licensing fees, the two will one day be able to mend fences and work together again, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf said Tuesday when asked whether the relationship could be saved.

Google Adds ESET Malware Detection to Chrome

From PC Mag: It's in Google's interests for your PC to run free of malware of any kind. That's why we have the Chrome browser with its sandboxing technology to help keep web surfers safe.

However, even with sandboxing, automatic updates, and Safe Browsing technology, unwanted software still manages to find a way on to our PCs using Chrome. So Google decided to go a step further and teamed up with a cybersecurity company to add anti-malware features directly into Chrome for Windows.

Microsoft's Surface Book 2 has more power and a new 15-inch size

From The Verge: A spec bump and a size bump for a laptop should be the easiest story in the world to tell. For example: Microsoft's Surface Book 2 has new processors, new graphics cards, slightly tweaked designs, and is now also available with a new 15-inch screen. Simple.

KRACK Wi-Fi attacks shouldn't harm updated Windows PCs

From PC World: The bad news: A severe WPA2 protocol vulnerability dubbed KRACK holds the potential to break Wi-Fi security for virtually all wireless devices or networks, allowing attackers to snoop on your Internet traffic or even inject malicious code into websites you visit. The good news: If you’re running a Windows PC, you’re already safe—at least if you automatically apply new updates.

Uber-SoftBank deal 'very likely' to be finalized next week

From CNET: SoftBank's billion-dollar investment in Uber is expected to be finalized "very likely within the next week," according to board member Arianna Huffington.

Huffington made that prediction during an onstage interview Monday at the WSJD tech conference in Laguna Beach, California. SoftBank plans to acquire a 14 percent to 20 percent stake in the world's most valuable privately-held tech startup, Huffington said Monday. The deal would include acquisition of shares through a secondary offering from existing shareholders, Huffington said.

Huawei's Mate 10 phones have big screens, small bezels, and AI hardware

From The Verge: Huawei has announced the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, two new phones that occupy the highest end of its lineup. The Mate 10 phones see the Chinese giant get on board with the skinny-bezel trend of 2017 while leveraging its ability in silicon design to supposedly improve AI-related performance.

Pizza Hut Got Hacked Then Waited 2 Weeks to Tell Customers

From PC Mag: Pizza Hut is facing a lot of angry customers this week after it waited two weeks to inform them a security breach had occurred. Anyone placing an order in the US using the company's website or mobile app on October 1-2 may have had their credit card details stolen.

As reported by the Lexington Herald Leader, Pizza Hut sent out an email to customers yesterday, October 14, informing them of the breach. The company classed it as a "temporary security intrusion" which made transactions carried out between the morning of October 1 and midday October 2 vulnerable.

Canon adds a DSLR-size sensor to its most stylish pocket camera

From The Verge: Canon is taking the image sensor used in its best prosumer camera — the 80D — and putting it in an all new, more portable shooter called the Powershot G1X Mark III. Featuring a built-in 24-72mm, f2.8-5.6 zoom lens, the new camera hits the shelves in November and will cost $1,299.


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